ShugaTrak ®

The incredibly easy way to move your blood glucose measurements from your glucose meter to the cloud.

Here's what ShugaTrak ® is all about.

ShugaTrak ® is an app for your phone...

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...and a Bluetooth device for your glucose meter...

The ShugaTrak ® Instant

If you want each BG reading to get to the cloud right away

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The ShugaTrak ® Effortless

If you want your BG readings to get to the cloud without having to do anything at all

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...and an online blood glucose reading database...

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...and a notification service.

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ShugaTrak ® is REALLY, REALLY easy to use

ShugaTrak ® is compatible
with these popular glucose meters.

OneTouch UltraMini

OneTouch Ultra2

* FreeStyle Freedom Lite

* FreeStyle Lite

* Many FreeStyle meters will not measure blood glucose with the ShugaTrak ® Bluetooth adapter plugged in.


John Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

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Isamu Haya

Founder and CTO

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Board of Advisors

Leon Rozenblit

Founder & CEO, Prometheus Research

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Eleanor L. Tandler

Co-founder & CEO, Novatract Surgical

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R. Bennett Muskin

Managing Director, Sagebrook Partners

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Applivate, LLC ♦ 760 Chapel Street ♦ New Haven, CT 06510


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Please note: ShugaTrak ® is great for keeping an online record of your blood glucose readings for eventual review by your healthcare provider, but you should not rely on it for situations requiring immediate clinical action.