ShugaTrak® Sends Blood Glucose Readings in Text Messages
Instantly and Effortlessly


Does somebody you love have diabetes? Do you worry when you're apart from them? ShugaTrak® gives you peace of mind by sending your loved one's blood glucose readings to you in text messages and emails--instantly and effortlessly. So that you know they're ok. So that you can reach out to them if they need you.


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ShugaTrak® is a smartphone app that automatically gets blood glucose readings from glucose meters and sends them out in text messages and emails to people you designate—instantly and effortlessly.

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Automatic Logging

ShugaTrak® lets you view your loved one’s glucose readings on the web. You can check out the readings of Applivate co-founder John Fitzpatrick here. If you think his readings look good, well, that’s because he doesn’t have diabetes.


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