The Scoop on ShugaTrak®


What is ShugaTrak®?

ShugaTrak® is a mobile app that automatically gets blood glucose readings from glucose meters and sends them out in text messages and emails to people you designate—instantly and effortlessly. ShugaTrak® is also a website (you're on it right now!) where you can log in to see an accurate, up-to-the-minute history of blood glucose readings. The ShugaTrak® app and website are great for managing your own diabetes or for helping someone close to you who has diabetes.

How does ShugaTrak® work?

The ShugaTrak® app uses a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into your glucose meter and wirelessly sends readings to your phone. Once the Bluetooth adapter is plugged in and set up, you don't need to do anything else. Set up takes barely a minute! The adapter fits into the meter pouch and stays plugged in all the time. No plugging and unplugging cables or gadgets! Just do an ordinary blood glucose check, push the button on the adapter, and the text messages and emails are sent automatically. You don't have to touch the phone, so it can stay in your pocket or bag the whole time.

What kind of phone do I need to use the ShugaTrak® app?

The person with diabetes (maybe you, maybe someone close to you) needs an iPhone 4s or newer or an Android smartphone running Android 4.3 or higher. To receive text messages with someone else's readings, you do NOT need a smartphone. All you need is a phone that can receive text messages. Or you can use email messages. ShugaTrak® does both.

What kind of glucose meter do I need to use the ShugaTrak® app?

The ShugaTrak® app works with these glucose meters:

  • OneTouch UltraMini (if there's a data port on the end that has the buttons)
  • OneTouch UltraLink
  • OneTouch Ultra2
  • FreeStyle Lite
  • FreeStyle Freedom Lite
Don't see your meter on the list? Drop us a line at so we'll know which meters to support next.

What countries is ShugaTrak® available in?

For now, ShugaTrak® is for use in the United States only, but we're planning to widen its availability, so if you're somewhere else and would like to be an early ShugaTrak® user in your country, please let us know by emailing

How much?

To use ShugaTrak®, you'll need a Bluetooth adaptor for your glucose meter and a full membership. You'll find prices and other details here.

Can I try out ShugaTrak® for free?

You bet! With a free account, you can log blood glucose readings by typing them in. The first ten times you do this, we'll instantly send your reading to anybody you want in text messages or emails. It's a great way to check out some of the magic of ShugaTrak® without parting with any cash. You can create your free account here.

Is ShugaTrak® secure? Are you protecting my privacy?

Yes, of course. ShugaTrak® complies with HIPAA. Check out our Privacy Policy here.

What else?

If you have other questions about the ShugaTrak® app or website, just send 'em on in to